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The Mabroom Date – A World Class Date

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Shifa Mabroom dates is a very popular dessert date. This dates fruit is eaten all across the world by people belonging to different age groups. It is an unripe, un-fried fruit which is juicy in nature. These dates are rich in vitamins and nutrients, they’re naturally sweet and chewy, Mabroom dates aren’t just a one-time fruit but a complete season fruit that offer multiple benefits for your body and health.

Mabroom dates have the consistency of a soft pink, peachy pink. They’re round in shape and are juicy with a slightly bitter taste. The flesh of these dates is rich and creamy, it’s like a semi dried dessert; once you eat it its like your mouth is watering already. Mabroom dates have a very subtle natural sweetness and therefore Mabroom dates do not go well with other sugary fruits.

The texture of Mabroom dates is extremely rich in flavor. The flesh has a brown color that is firm, it has a slightly bitter taste and also a slight saltiness to it. Its natural sweet and salty flavor makes it savory. Mabroom dates originated from Middle East where it’s eaten as a sweet treat during weddings and celebrations. The dark brown origin dates from Egypt and the dark brown Moroccan dates originate from North Africa. Both the Mabroom dates come from Egypt and the Middle East and are both ground down and then dried.

The size of Mabroom dates depends on where they were grown. The origin dates from Egypt and the Middle East have a very small seed compared to others. The seeds are in the form of balls and are about 10 times smaller in size than normal dates. Due to their sizes they don’t go well with any other kind of dessert or sweet.

Mabroom dates originate from North Africa and the deep south. They have very distinct characteristics, one being their dark brown color, the other being their full-bodied flavor and textures. The Middle East and Africa are two areas that have got their taste of Mabroom dates due to their long roots in those regions. However, some scientists believe that the origins of these dates may be as far east as the Himalayas.

Mabroom dates, or sayer dates as they’re also called, were first discovered in the 18th century in Egypt. One of the reasons for their discovery was a sweet smelling fruit which had been growing in that area for over a thousand years. The dates from that spot gave a unique taste to dates due to their unusual scent, hence their name, sayer dates. The deep-drying quality of these dates allowed them to be preserved for many years and this is how they got their name.

As time passed by, different varieties of Mabroom dates came into existence. The ones we see today are mostly dark brown in color but there was also a lighter variety which can be found today. The reason for the dark brown color of the newer varieties is due to the process used to make them. During the process, natural sugar crystals are dissolved in water and this creates a reaction that gives out a black hue to the dates.

You can now find Mabroom dates in a variety of flavors. Some people prefer the traditional Mabroom taste while others prefer to try the newer ones. It’s up to you to determine which one you like better. Despite the differences in their tastes, one thing remains the same; these dates will always be a hit.

The texture of the Mabroom dates range from very sweet to slightly crunchy and there are those that are really rich and creamy. Their color is usually a rich brown and they come in a large variety of sizes. The larger the size of the dates the more spices and ingredients they contain. Each variety of Mabroom has a different texture but all of them have the same distinctive taste. They have a subtle hint of spices and brown sugar but their main taste comes from the dark brown sugar.

The Khudri dates are one of the oldest varieties of these dates. These dates first came into existence in the 16th century when the Moghuls came from India to North Africa. This was the first taste of what would become the popular Mabroom flavor. They have a slightly bitter but sweet flavor, which is why they were so popular at the time of their discovery. They first originated in Algeria where the sugarcane plant had a day known as Bakrid.

The Mabroom dates are made with a combination of two types of dates namely, khudri and sugar. These two dates are sourced from different regions of North Africa and their characteristics are often blended to yield a uniform sweetness which can only be achieved by their origin. When the process of blending is done well, the result is a product which has the right texture and taste. All the various names of the Mabroom dates are derived from their texture and not of their flavor.