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Tomato Juice Keeps Your Strength!

Tomato Juice Keeps Your Strength!

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Even those who were resistant on heat now they give up. Exhaustion and pressure fluctuations are just some of the consequences of heat. Make it easy for yourself.

Sudden changes in temperature, high humidity and sultriness even completely healthy people complain of dizziness, swelling and low blood pressure. Although a negative effect on healthy people, this kind of weather is especially dangerous for heart and psychiatric patients.

- If the weather is too hot, you need to consume enough fluids and nutrition to the body more easily adapted – advises Dr. Nevenka Dimitrijevic, general practitioner in Health Center “Old Town”.


Swollen feet are the big problem during hot weather. The basic and fastest way to heal is to raise the leg lying down about one foot above the level of your heart. In addition, drink tea made from parsley, which helps to relief excess water from your body. Five tablespoons of chopped leaves and roots of parsley simmer about five minutes in half liter of water. After cooking, let stand for 20 minutes, then strain and drink one cup three times a day.


Do not panic, summer dizziness is fleeting. Even completely healthy persons may have short-term problems such as fatigue, dizziness…

When you feel any of these symptoms, immediately sit down and do not make any sudden moves. You can also squat deep (mean squat down as far as you can with both feet pressed against the ground). You should also drink tomato juice which is responsible for regulation of potassium in the body, and you will feel better soon.

Low Blood Pressure:

The low blood pressure is very present when it’s warm. To overcome weakness, you should eat salty crackers and biscuits and drink enough mineral water. Also, avoid staying too long in closed and stuffy rooms because the lack of oxygen can lead to low pressure. Therefore, drink ginger tea. This tea will alleviate nausea and dizziness, and you will lose the cold sweat. And tomato juice will help this problem. Coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, fried and fatty foods should be avoided.

How to react when is hot?  Careful with air conditioning!

You should use air condition in the rooms where you stay during the day and in the car, but the temperature should be seven degrees lower than outside.

Minerals are necessary:

In addition to water, it is desirable to take minerals, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, Mediterranean food, juices, watermelon, melon and ice cream.


If you have to do something with waiting on a high temperature, do not stand, just walk. You must wear cap or hat!

Summer time and inflamed sinuses: Most cases of sinusitis begin with colds, which are caused by viruses, especially in summer. Those colds and sinusitis usually disappear within two weeks, but however, ruin the quality of your life.


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