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These Fruit Drinks Lead You To A Flat Stomach

These Fruit Drinks Lead You To A Flat Stomach

weight lose juice

This drink is a little different from the rest of recommendations for home remedies. It was conceived by Dr.

Oz, who claims that it is very good ally in fighting against excess weight, especially fat in the abdominal area.

Therefore, if you are planning a vacation in great shape, get yourself this drink and start drinking sips that relate fat.

Doctor Oz emphasizes the power and benefits of green tea, especially for cleansing the body and vitality.

This is why green tea beverage is the foundation that removes fat.

The good information for those who do not like green tea is that its power will not be infringe if you add orange or mint.

The flavor will be better and also the effectiveness of high-level.


33.8 oz (1 liter) water
5 bags of green tea
1 orange
a little fresh mint

The preparation of the beverage is no torment:

It should be cooked as a regular tea. In one liter of hot water, you can add five green tea bags and leave them in the water for three minutes to cool.

If desired, add an orange cut into slices and so that you do not remove the white part that is attached to the crust. In the pot or larger glass jar with a lid, pour the prepared beverage, if desired, add mint.

Allow to stand overnight so as to combine all the ingredients. The next day, drink at least a pint of this beverage.

On the recommendation of doctor Oz, It takes just one cup of drink before each meal and the battle for weight and flat stomach is yours.


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