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The Miracles of Lemon

The Miracles of Lemon

Lemon is not just used to make lemonade or to be squeezed into food for taste; there are so many fields that it can be used in that you will be surprised. It creates miracles…..


You can clean the oily places
Lemon can be used in any part of your home. Harness the power of lemon, then the toxic chemical cleaners. Take lemon juice, some salt and oil into the area and rub. Then towel dry cloth.



You can clean teapots
Fill the teapot with water and then cut very thin lemon slices. Add the lemon to the water and bring to boil. Leave it to rest for an hour or so after boiling water, then drain the water, rinse the kettle.



You can clean the microwave
Rather than using strong chemicals on your microwave there is a safer and healthier way to clean it. Grate half a lemons zest in a bowl of cold water. Put it in the microwave for 5 minutes .Once finished take the bowl out and from the condensation of water and lemon wipe down with a dry towel.



You can polish chrome and copper
Divide a lemon into two. Use half a lemon and dip it into some salt. Rub the desired area for about 10 minutes and rinse with water. This will polish and shine all you chromium, copper and stainless steal appliances.



You can repel insects
Many insects hate lemon juice. Cut lemon peels and place them where ants and insects thresholds are, window corners and cracks.



You can create a scented moisturizer
If you suffer from dry winter air in your home use lemon to moisten the air in your home. Put a teapot full of water, peel some lemon and bring to simmer over low heat. This way, both your home and you would experience a nice smell and moist environment.




You can clean the cutting board
Thanks to the low pH in lemon is has an antibacterial property therefore is a great sanitizer. Use half a lemon to rub the board then rinse with clean water.



You can use to fade age spots
Use a small piece of lemon and rub the stained area as a mask, leave for an hour or so.



You can use it on your skin
You can use lemon on your face as a tonic. Gently rub lemon on your face and around the eyes.



You can use it as a body massaging lotion
Mix half a cup of sugar and tiny cut lemon cubes with some olive oil until a paste is obtained. Whilst in the shower soak body and massage the mixture until the skin absorbs it after rinse body with water.



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