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Smelly Aromatherapy: Get Rid of Smoking in a Dream!

Smelly Aromatherapy: Get Rid of Smoking in a Dream!

Would you like to stop smoking, you can do during sleep, with the help of special “smelly aromatherapyā€¯. Decades of research have shown that people can learn new information during sleep, and then use them when they wake up. But there is more work to show that unconscious associations resulting in sleep can affect our behavior when we are awake.

Neurobiologist Anant Arzi with her colleagues from Weizmann scientific institute in Israel chose 66 volunteers who wanted to quit smoking. Some subjects spent the night receiving through a mask the smell of cigarettes, followed by the smell of rotten eggs and rotten fish. Other subjects have undergone the same treatment fragrant, only during the day, while they were awake.

Smokers who received smelly aromatherapy in the second, rested sleep stages, next week they managed to reduce smoking by more than 30%. In contrast, subjects who received treatment during REM sleep, when “awake” brain creates dreams, they managed to reduce smoking only 12%. Smokers treated with smell when they were awake did not change their smoking habits.

So you will need to find someone who will sacrifice his dream for you, and after you go to sleep and you start to sleep, every 90 minutes to light a cigarette and blow it toward you, and in the meantime under the nose to push an unbearable smell. And it is possible that soon would be founded institutes for the treatment of smokers, such an already exist for other addicts, like alcoholics or drug addicts.

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