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Six Dangerous Things In Your Kitchen You didn’t Know About!

Dangerous things hidden in your kitchen

Innocent-looking materials that you use in your kitchen may be damaging your health. Below are listed the hidden dangerous tools used in your kitchen:

  1. Teflon pots and pans: Non-flammable and non-stick cookers can cause cancer, birth defects, suppression of the immune system, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke that lead to the mixture containing toxic chemicals.


  1. Aluminum pots and pans: Aluminum has a connection with Alzheimer’s disease. Made from these materials, cooking utensils are preferred because they are lighter and cheaper. However, the aluminum container when placed into the saline or acidic foods and foods consisting of aluminum metal surface depressions are infected.


  1. Plastics: Take all the plastics that you have in your kitchen and let them go! A hot pan with a plastic spoon or spatula is not an appropriate use of space. They melt and they are not healthy tools to use.


  1. Plastic storage containers : Many plastic vessels  when heated, crack after a certain time. Bisphenol  A is a main ingredient in polycarbonate plastic, often used in baby bottles and recycled milk bottles. Bisphenol A substances when used in laboratory experiments in mice show disruptions of natural hormone levels, which cause genetic damages and low pregnancy was discovered.


  1. Raw meat: Uncooked meat products grab tapeworm, trichinosis parasites transmitted disease. Make sure you always cut the raw meat form the cooked part.


  1. Metal containers: Tomato, pickles, lemon, carbohydrate drinks, acidic foods such as tea, become toxic when they interact with metals. Toxic levels of zinc from galvanized metal containers can leak into the food.

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