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Organic Remedy to Feet Odour

Organic Remedy to Feet Odour

Foot odor can be disturbing to you and especially to the people surrounding you. There are many causes to foot smell. The main factor is the foot itself accompanying this is the shoes worn and the season; summer being the extra helper to foot odor. One of the common problems of millions of people can easily be resolved with this simple ingredient; Black Tea.

Firstly, fill a plastic tub with mild-hot water. In this water add 5 tea bags of black tea. Once the water starts to cool to a temperature where we can put our feet in, we rest them in the water for about 30 minutes.

Tea is an amazing plant which contains ingredients that kill the bacteria in the feet. It also helps pores to be inactive and stop the sweating. Especially in the summer where sweat is produced due to heat, the ingredients found in the tea will stop even the slightest amount of smell.


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