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New Global Campaign Calling for Fair Deal Access!

New Global Campaign Calling for Fair Deal Access!

At the initiative of the World Psychiatric Association on the 4th of September launched the “World of care for mental health” (World Mind Matters Day), and the beginning of a global campaign that aims of achieve fair deal in mental healthcare.

The campaign aims to achieve Fair Deal in mental healthcare, and focuses on the following priorities:

  •  equity in funding, resources, outcomes and research,
  • accessibility to effective services,
  • integration of physical and mental health,
  • reducing discrimination and stigma,
  • dignity and equality for all,
  • educating of public and stakeholders,
  • alliances with patients and people who care about patients,
  • links with various organizations and medical specialties.

The mission of the World Psychiatric Association is to promote the advancement of psychiatry and mental healthcare for people across the world, and Croatian Psychiatric Association that mission aims at the level of the state. Ph.D. Vlado Jukic, president of the Croatian Psychiatric Association, said that the state of mental health in Croatia burdened by a series of difficulties in which particularly emphasizes increasing number of elderly people with dementia, the legacy of the war with the resulting large number of people with PTSD and the adverse effects of long-term economic crisis.

In order to improve the rights and protection of persons with mental disorders, from 1st January 2015 claimed the new Law for Protection of Persons with Mental Disorders, which emphasizes the importance of equal protection of the health among people with mental disorders despite somatic patients, “said Professor Jukic

The mark of this global initiative is to raise awareness of the eight program priorities for psychiatrists, general practitioners, patients, caregivers and public authorities.

World Psychiatric Association (WPA) published the beginning of the campaign and the World Day of care for mental healthcare, two position papers: the Declaration on social justice in healthcare of persons with mental illness and the results of the “Working Group of the World Psychiatric Association on the mental health of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers “. To achieve the fair deal and social justice for persons with mental illness should be the primary goal for all psychiatrists.

World Psychiatric Association consist 135 companies from 117 countries and represent more than 200,000 psychiatrists.


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