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Natural Remedies Against Inflammation in the Body, Headaches…

Natural Remedies Against Inflammation in the Body, Headaches…

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Doctors often warn us when we feel the pain, not the reach for the drugs.

These natural remedies are hidden in everyone’s home. Coughing, sinus congestion and headaches are an integral part of the seasonal flu, viruses and influenza. Instead of immediately intake of medical supplies such as syrups, pills and other drugs, reduce the symptoms with natural remedies, which would you safely transcript your grandmother.

Marjoram against cough: Tea, lemon and honey is an important trio in fighting colds. However, if you have sore throat and cough troubles you, also will help if you gargle in your mouth heated water in which you add two to three drops of essential oil of marjoram.

Menthol against sinuses: For clogged sinuses already checked is to use gels based on mint, which could smear on the landscape breasts, or put a drop just below the nose.

Lavender against headaches: Do you feel the beginning of a headache – inhalation of lavender oil will relax tense muscles in your shoulders and relieve pain. Recent research shows that the occurrence of migraines to the people who suffer, could be reduced with daily intake of 48 grams of plant butter bar (lat. Petasites hybridus), from the daisy family plant.

Yoga against insomnia: US study showed that the daily performance of yoga reduces insomnia to the elderly people. The subjects performed various exercise classes of yoga for a period of six months during which they fell asleep 10 minutes earlier and slept an hour longer each night compared with people from the same age who were not doing this activity.

Ice against muscle inflammation: To prevent severe pain in the muscles after exercise in the gym, we suggest ice packs on irritated muscles. Reduction of pain will also help the fast ice bath.



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