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Miracle Balm – Natural Balm Which Cures Many Diseases. Original Recipe.

This balm is very easy to prepare, and very effective. This “miraculous balm” is able to cure many diseases. Miracle-balm heals: bronchitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, swelling, bruises, open wounds, cracks in the hands and feet, sore ovaries, trophic ulcers, female diseases. It is successfully used for burns.

Depending on the disease, balm: lubricate, put compresses, massaging. Even can be used for internal use: half a teaspoon three times a day before meals. Fat is absolutely harmless.


- 1 egg

- 400 ml vegetable oil (best St. John’s Wort ┬áhand-made)

- A piece of beeswax (natural not artificial) – about 60 grams (about the size of a two matchboxes)


Cook the egg. It will take only the yolk. The yolk should be placed on a plate and mash.

In an enamel pot put oil

A piece of wax put in oil

Put on a low heat and wait until the wax has melted

When start “crackling”, take the yolk and put in the oil with wax, bit by bit

- The oil will start to get a penny, so be prepared to quickly remove the pot from the heat

- When the oil is “calm”, turn it back on the stove

- Continue to throw the yolk until the end, stirring constantly with a spoon

- The mixture will change color and become dark brown

- Remove from heat and leave for 15-20 minutes

- Strain through nylon (sock), cheesecloth or strainer fine sieve.

- remains (yolk crumbs) throw

When fat cools, put it in a glass jar and close the lid. Fat is stored in the refrigerator for up to 10 months.

Fat is very efficient. If the balm used for coverings, it is necessary to warm on water vapor (on approximately 40 degrees)

This miracle – balm heals:

Sinusitis. Melt the fat in a spoon and immediately pour into the pipette. In order not to get fat tightened, do this quickly. Drop in the nose twice daily with an interval of one hour. Doctors claim that can be treated and monthly sinusitis. Grease “breaks through” the sinuses and pulls all the pus with great intensity.

Purulent otitis. A bent piece of cotton, dipped in grease put in the ear. If necessary change, in addition to smear grease behind the ear. Balm extracts all pus. So treat all otitis, not only purulent.

Purulent tonsillitis, abscesses in the throat, tonsillitis. Put fat in the throat and coverings on the neck. If done at night, repeating the procedure 2-3 times, in the morning abscess ruptures.

Bronchitis, stomach pain, bowel, ulcers on the body, redness in the eyes. Three times a day before meals, take half a teaspoon of fat.

Female illness: fibromyoma to 10 weeks, ovarian cysts, inflammation, mastitis. In the vagina is putting tampons with this fat in the morning and evening. There are claims that after ten days, from the cysts will remain only memories. For fibromyoma take longer. In mastitis, in breast is placed a paper napkin, dipped in fat, above covered with nylon bag. Preferably, changed every 2 hours.

Burns, ulcers, wounds, swelling, toothache, pain in the joints cure this fat. Apply on the affected area overnight and wrap it. You can only use a swab, soaked in grease, if wounds are not large. You will be surprised with the result!

In case of toothache – balm is taken with a clean finger and lubricates the aching tooth and gum, pain will disappear.

Ulcers, gangrene: also put paper napkins soaked with grease and change every 2 hours. From the wound will profusely leak pus. Will convince and how to advance this life-saving treatment, despite all kinds of expensive drugs.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids. The tampon of gauze and placed in the anus overnight, 8-10 days or until there is no improvement.

Everything that lubricates – do at night. Coverings on diseased joints, knees – wrap.

Fat is good for strengthening nails – lubricate the nails at night.

All diseases begin to retreat, thanks to this fat, miracle – balm.

Note: The wax must be Natural, beeswax. For external use can be used any vegetable oil. For internal – it is better olive oil. For female troubles – St. John’s Wort oil is the best.

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