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How Much Sugar do You Consume Per Day?


How much sugar do you consume per day? Do you drink acidic beverages along with meals? If your answer to these questions is “yes” you have to be very careful!



According to the World Health Organization, we know that the maximum amount of sugar consumed daily should not be over 6 teaspoons. However, this number can be increased in adults, approximately 12 teaspoons. Health-threatening sugar is consumed mostly by children, especially the acidic and sugary drinks, which will affect the healthy development of children.


Sugar consumption in adults can be threatening. People who consumed more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, an increase in detection rate rises may occur, obesity and heart disease. Sugar consumption causes diabetes, periodontal disease, while also weight gains.


Experts sometimes recommend adults and children to consume the sugar content of cereals, smoothies, fizzy drinks and concentrated fruit juices as well.

One small box of concentrated fruit juice has about 6 teaspoons of sugar, one cup of cereal has around 5 teaspoons of sugar, one bottle of cola has 7 teaspoons of sugar and a box of energy drink has about 7 teaspoons of sugar. This is the reason you need to be very careful when consuming these types of beverages.




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