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Homemade Cough Syrup From Black Radish

For this honey herbal folk remedy is necessary to: 1 black radish around the pound and homemade honey.
Radish wash and with a knife to cut off the top and bottom part. With knife and spoon gently carve radish to obtain wall thickness about 0.4-0.6 inch (1 cm).

With a toothpick or sticks for foods, make a small hole at the bottom of radish.
small holle
In the middle pour acacia or any honey that you have. If you do not have honey, or you are allergic to it, can and sugar, white or brown. Leave overnight in a warm place to drains into a glass
honey radissh
This homemade preparation which is drained, take one tablespoon in the morning and evening. In severe coughing take one little teaspoon of juice. At the end of the day you can eat and radish. Every time make a new syrup, can not be kept long.

This syrup helps of allergic cough, eases breathing and helps with bronchial catarrh.

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