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Get Rid of Moles in a Natural Way

Get Rid of Moles in a Natural Way


Moles (med. Nevus) are imperfections on the skin, which means a darker colour or a small ledge. It can be both. They could occur anywhere on the skin, and when they appear in a conspicuous place than is an aesthetic problem. Cause of moles occurrence is unknown. It is known to be mostly present among people with high levels of hormones, and some are hereditary.

In most cases, young people removed surgically, but some can be removed in a natural way. The surgeon removes the mole with cutting and than connect the skin with the inner site. However, despite the efforts of surgeons to be good, he makes the scar visible and many people get worried about this….

When you remove in a natural way there are no scars and therefore this way is recommended, but only if we talk about harmless moles. If you try to remove moles (cancerous), they will disappear, but the inner layers will continue to be active, and the disease will develop in your body.

1. Recipe:

Cut the Aloe Vera leaf in half and squeeze the gel on the gauze and add lemon juice. Place the gauze on the problem area and leave to react for three hours. Then repeat this process with a new draft of the gel remaining in the second leaf. Repeat this process two to three days for better results.

2. Recipe:

This is very efficient and accessible natural remedy for removing moles and garlic. Peel the garlic and crush it until become paste. Use this toothpaste before bedtime, apply directly to the problem area and leave overnight. In the morning, remove the paste. Repeat this process until the mole disappears.


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