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Do Not Wash Raw Chicken !

Do Not Wash Raw Chicken !


British health and nutrition experts warned that by washing raw chicken before cooking increases the risk of food poisoning.
About 280 thousand people in the UK every year are infected with Campylobacter infection but only 28 percent of respondents were aware of this. Experts warn that this occurs from the chicken been washed and water being splashed onto the hands, kitchen counter and cooking utensils.

The reason why people wash chicken before they actually cook it is either because they think that if they wash it they will get rid of more bacteria or because it’s just a ritual habit that is always done.
Campylobacter in the UK, is one of the bacteria that cause food poisoning. It is so serious that it can lead to death.


The Risk of Death

Most cases of food poisoning are caused by germs in chicken.
Symptoms of poisoning can be diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, fever and weakness. Most patients discomfort lasts only a few days, but in the long term food poisoning can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and affect the nervous system, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome which can lead to more severe health problems.

These types of disorders may also cause death. The biggest risk groups are children under the age of five and older adults.
Experts advise clearly to people that washing raw chicken will have the opposite effect to cross contamination and this will result in the risk of developing Campylobacter infection.




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