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Do not Dispose Vitamins in Trash: Melon Peel is Edible!

Do not Dispose Vitamins in Trash: Melon Peel is Edible!


Many fruit and vegetable portions mainly because of our ignorance instead in our stomach finish into the garbage. We are not even aware that we throw the best part of the fruit because of habit or because we don’t know how they are healthy and useful. Leaves, stems or barks of some vegetables are usually the best for our health. Greeks make sweet from carrot peel. We simply throw away.

Onion and garlic bark

Bark of onion and garlic is full with quercetin – flavonoid plant, which has strong antioxidant, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory activities. Add while you cook stews or soups, and remove it before serving.

The leaves of broccoli

The leaves broccoli contain carotenoids – powerful plant pigment that the body converts into vitamin A and helps in the prevention of cancer. Cook together with broccoli.

The leaves of celery

The leaves have calcium and magnesium five times more than stems. It also contains vitamin C and phenolics – powerful antioxidants, which help against cancer, heart disease and anti-aging process. Simply use them like stalks of celery and add in soups, salads or sauces.

The stems of chard

The stems of chard are as good as the leaves because they are full of antioxidants. Cook them in the same way as asparagus – steamed or stewed, and how you prefer.

Kiwi peel

It sounds incredible, but it is true that hairy peel of kiwi contains three times more antioxidants than the flesh kiwi and has anti-cancer and anti-allergic properties. Add the peel to the pulp in a blender and mix.

The stems of broccoli / cauliflower

Probably like many of you get wrongs and throw the stems of those vegetables. And actually stems with a sweet taste, contains more fiber than their head. Since it takes time for cooking, put them to cook before the rest of the vegetable.

Melon peel

Bark melon is rich in citrulline – an amino acid, which stimulates circulation and dilates blood vessels. Mix in a blender with meat melon and enjoy this healthy smoothie.

Orange peel

Orange contains lots of vitamin C and natural resource to boost immunity, but the bark itself, contains plenty of fiber and vitamins. So, when you make a smoothie add it into the blender.


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