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Diet with milk and Cakes: Melt Your Pounds and Make Your Skin Shine

Diet with milk and Cakes: Melt Your Pounds and Make Your Skin Shine


Clean your intestines with farm fresh milk, that you shouldn’t drink quickly, and in your meal you have to add whole grains, which should not be eaten the same day when they are baked. Tired of searching for the perfect diet, but do not give up now when in front of you is an ideal way of weight loss, which will also allow your skin to shine. It is a diet with milk and cakes invented by Austrian nutritionist Dr. Franc Javier Mairna, even in the last century, which he also recommended to their patients in health tourism.

Namely, the aforementioned diet works so accustomed the digestive organs to the orderly operation, clean the intestines and thereby loses between 7 oz (200 g) and 10.5 oz (300 grams).

Type of milk

Before you choose this diet, it is necessary to emphasize that milk must be consumed whole fat, and if possible purchase farm fresh milk. In fact, this milk contains all the necessary ferments, calories, vitamins and minerals needed for the normal functioning of the body. In addition, when using milk, it must not be drink quickly, only slow swallows, because it will just slow its entry into the body to help the intestines to heal and cleanse it of toxins and waste of all things.

Type of baking

Nutrition should be added to the comprehensive grain buns, but they should not be eaten the same day when they are baked, but must undergo at least 24 hours of drying. On the other hand, should not be too hard, so they do not consume after the second or third day of drying. Their hardness depends on the quality of baked goods – as soon as longer baking is fresh, that means better quality, and that needs more drying.

It is not specifically limited how much milk and buns you can take during the day, but the standard amount is between four and six buns and the same cups of milk. Also, when we see the way we consume buns, we need to eat slowly, with long chewing every time you eat. You have to chew until the taste becomes sweet. After that small and slow swallowing you need to drink milk. Only with this way of eating will benefit from all the elements of the diet – weight loss and equalized digestion.

The duration of the diet

The best way to carry this diet is one week, but everything depends on the state of the digestive system and of course, of the weight you want to lose. After a week of implementation of this diet, the following week, eat cooked meat and vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dark chocolate, brown rice and pasta. Then again a maximum one week maintain “a diet with milk and cakes.” When you hold this diet, if you think that the body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to take multivitamin ingredients.

A clean and healthy body

With this diet, except that you will allow your digestive system to rest and recover, you will quickly notice that your stool is bright and that there is no strong odor, but it will be like a baby. Weight loss and beautiful skin will be just an additional reward for you. The secretion of harmful substances from the body, skin of the whole body in a very short period will experience revival. Surface wrinkles will disappear, the skin will become firmer, it will looks younger and regenerated, without a trace of exhaustion.



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