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Devil is in Details: Water can Kill us Depends how much We Drink!

Devil is in Details: Water can Kill us Depends how much We Drink!


Some substances are extremely toxic, such as mercury, because taking 6.7 oz (200 milligrams) doses is sufficient to kill or polonium, which is enough to evaporate a gram and to kill 50 million of people. Did you know that 70 cups of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a person with 154.3 pounds (70 kilos) weight, because of heart failure and 13 consecutive cups of liquor leads to such problems in the brain that can affect controlling the basic life functions, such as breathing or heart beating. Too much fluid can generally be harmful. For poisoning with water is necessary to drink in one gulp at least 202.8 oz (6 liters), after which the brain cells begin to swell which then leads to headache, stroke, coma, and even death. But if you stop to consume water, or you take too much salt, brain cells will begin to collect, it will lead to a condition called hyponatremia, which also can result in coma or even death. If you dive your head under the water or you are just very good at keeping the breath, you need approximately about 4 minutes to have brain damage, and after 6 minutes you will die. However, in extreme cases, some divers have managed to hold their breath for 20 minutes.

Crushed cherry kernel can faint you away!

Even the cherries can take you away the oxygen. If accidentally cherry kernel fit up in your mouth, do not panic. Make sure you won’t bite through. One crushed cherry kernel contains enough cyanide to make you faint away. Because of cyanide body cannot use the oxygen. Speaking of oxygen, at a height of 314960.6 inches (8000 meters), we cannot acclimate to the thin air more. This is known as the ‘death zone’. If we think of height, if you are too high, that is enough to kill you. During the 1930s, Robert Pershing Wadlow, has grown to a height of unbelievable 107 inches (2.72 meters). This height results the strong pressure on his circulatory system, as well as structural pressure on the skeleton, and he died with only 22 years. Researchers believe that each 0.9 inches  (2.5 centimeters) above the height of 59.8 inches(1.52 meters) takes 1.3 years of your life.

If you care about your pet, you probably know that you cannot give a chocolate. The reason is chemicals for which is prohibited, named theobromine, that can kill us. Although our bodies more efficiently metabolize theobromine, however, is 33.8 oz (1000 milligrams) per kilo of body weight is lethal to humans. This is the equivalent of 85 chocolate bars eaten at once.

Overdose music

If you want to die from a marijuana drug overdose, you have to really make an effort. It takes about 680 pounds of grass, consumed within 15 minutes to die, which explains why there has never been a death caused by taking too much marijuana.

Listening to a nice music is very good, but do not go above 185 decibels. The amount of air pressure could help penetrate the lungs and create a pulmonary embolism. Loud music could help to keep the neighbors awake all night, although it is not known exactly how much time is spent without sleep lethal to humans, research on mouse have shown that lack of sleep lasted about two weeks before dying. For the humans, the world record is little over 11 days, but after the man again began to regularly sleep, there were no lingering effects.

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