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Children that Don’t Eat !

Children that Don’t Eat

Some mothers are always concerned about their child’s weight and how much and whether or not they are eating enough. Meal time can sometimes be a nightmare for the mother and child. As clinical psychologists realise this they give mothers advice into not feeding the child by force. Force-feeding has an opposite effect on the child and the more it is repeated the more the child rejects food. For this reason never be stubborn and try to always be consistent.

To gain a routine to meal times, parents should set allocated times and allow the child to eat by themselves without anyone interfering, positive results have been seen as this has been done.


How do you give your child healthy eating habits?

Clinical Psychologists for parents who want to give their children healthy eating habits found the following suggestions:

• Children do not understand what is told to them but rather what is mimicked. That’s why parents and caregivers of children should pay attention to their feeding behavior. Mothers and fathers should not choose foods and always try new things so that they are a role model to their child.

• It is not right to put pressure, scream, force-feed or punish the child if they are not eating food at the right time and adequate amount. Such behavior on the child may leave traces that later in the future cannot be fixed.

• Play time and meals time should always be separated. The child should be aware that while play time food shouldn’t be eaten and when its food time games shouldn’t be played.

• Parents should also be aware of the genetic factor as well. While some parents have a massive appetite, some parents do not; this also may be a reason to why some children eat more and some children don’t.

• Every child’s body and food intake is different, so do not compare your child with other children.

• Parents should always encourage their child to eat by themselves. It is obvious that a child cannot eat as neat as an adult and this shouldn’t be expected from them to do so. Even if they mess the surrounding and dirty themselves a negative attitude shouldn’t be portrayed.

• Meals time is a time where all family members gather, eat and communicate. For this reason parents should show great importance to this time spent.



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