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Boneset: Cleanses The Body, Forces The Water And Boosts Immunity

 Boneset: Cleanses The Body, Forces The Water And Boosts Immunity

Powder of the boneset roots is used in cases of bleeding and intestinal and lung problems also for bile and cleaning hoses

Latin name Eupatorium boneset receives by alchemist, Mithradates Eupator. It is believed that the name came from cannabinum shaped leaves of this plant (Cannabis indicum).

Avicenna (Persian physician and philosopher, 980th to 1037th), recommended the plant to strengthen and cleanse the body, and for the peoplethis is well-known herb for the treatment of aquatic diseases.

For many years I have not used boneset, which is otherwise a common plant of our region, until I got the recipe from one farmer to treat blood disorders.

 National medicine

This is peoples popular plant for which they say that “cleans the body , forces the water and sweat” and is used for treatment of: diseases of water (diuretic effect a kind used for increased urine excretion in aquatic diseases, edema, gout, etc.), Blood diseases (in arteriosclerosis of the blood vessels, reducing blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, this is a good detoxifier for cleaning blood, and the whole organism, for a quick recovery after illness, etc.), diseases of the liver and gall bladder (enhances the secretion of bile), bowel disease – (removes parasites in the gut and helps in the treatment of constipation as a mild laxative), with chronic constipation try with boneset after all the unsuccessful attempts with various laxatives and laxatives and with tea leaves.

Boneset is useful for kidney disease (aids in paper, and particular in the removal of uric acid with the stones , sand), prostate disease (anti-inflammatory action), rheumatism, arthritis , gout (arthritis), diseases of the liver , gall bladder (ascites, poor performance liver, congestion of the liver, jaundice, the greater secretion of bile , for enhanced operation, insufficiency gall bladder , bile , we use the powder of the boneset roots, etc.), skin disorders (various skin impurities – dermatoses as a result of poor performance of bile, rashes, lichens, in the form of compresses with tincture of injuries, bruises, contusions, bleeding, infections, etc.), lung and respiratory system (as detoxifier , antiviral, for causing sweating dijaforetik – colds, flu, especially in flue successfully treated, high body temperature , etc.), hemorrhage (lung , for intestinal, we use the root).

Preparations of this plant are used for fever, scurvy, sclerosis, and have anti-tumor effects. Recent scientific studies indicate the use of the extract of in the treatment of immunological diseases as a stimulant for the immune system work incentives as well as chronic fatigue, to help in treatment of viral and other infections.

Powder of the boneset roots is used bleeding in the intestines, lung problems also with bile as well as for cleaning the bowel.

The root is used as: diaphoretic, laxative and tonic.

 Do not exaggerate
We use Boneset as:

antiscorbutic, antitumour, anti-carcinogenic, anti-sclerotic, astringent, detoxifier, diuretic, diaphoretic, dermatic, depurative, emetic, expectorant, febrifuge, homoeopathic, cholagogum, laxative, purgative, tonic-irritant.


Boneset should not be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with complications of bile, active stomach and duodenum, weak stomach, gall stones, and in greater quantities can damage the liver.

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