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Addiction treatment during pregnancy

Addiction treatment during pregnancy

Addiction treatment during pregnancy

According to the statistics of SAMSHA, the number of pregnant women was 17.3% who were addicted to smoking. 11.6% had become addicted to alcoholism, while 6% suffered from opiate prescription and 4.3% of pregnant women were addicted to drugs in 2014.

However, drug addiction affects everyone but it affects the pregnant woman especially whether they are using drugs or are using any other type of intoxication because the addiction is directly or indirectly harmful to their unborn baby.Due to your addiction, there are many issues related to the infant that is severely affected during birth or even after birth such as premature delivery, thesudden death of aninfant, lack of physical or mental development, low birth weight, high possibilities for abuse, and there is also thedanger of mental illnesses.Therefore, it is unfortunate that in spite of all these things, drug abuse is usually done during pregnancy.

Withdrawal Symptom

When women do not take intoxicants, women may have to face the following problems.

·         Nausea

·         Anxiety

·         Bleeding

·         Insomnia

·         Loss of appetite

·         Abdominal pain

·         Getting scared

These symptoms make them so much compel that consequently, they start consuming drugs again. In fact, their tendency is that if these symptoms continue, they will have to undergo an abortion.But such tendency increases their difficulties further.

The good news is that these kinds of problems can be overcome by medical assistance.

Drug replacement therapy

Replacement therapy is highly beneficial for those who use heroin, methadone or prescription drugs because it prevents the physical problems that occur, consequently, addictscan easily overcome on drugs abuse. Replacement therapy is considered to be the safest for addiction recovery during pregnancy because the babies born with the help of this therapy have been found to be normal. However, it may seem a little unusual but it is helpful to prevent pregnant women and their unborn child from harmful effects.

Providing Therapy

Healthcare professional can help addict pregnant women through therapy. In the therapysession, some options are given to pregnant women to knowabout addiction and to control it.Apart from this, the voucher system is used to motivate pregnant women to lead an addiction-free life. In this, when a pregnant woman takes the strong step towards sobriety, then a voucher is given to her.According to the data provided by them, 62% women were able to achieve these vouchers. Thus temptation in therapy proves to be very helpful in relieving addiction.

Holistic addiction treatment during pregnancy

The holistic treatment certainly frees pregnant women from alcohol and drug addiction.It provides recovery through various options such as counseling, supplements, offering life skill program, and motivation interview session. Moreover,those pregnant women are suffering from psychological, physical, and spiritual problems; it is focused on every aspect because they believe that drug addiction arises due to these problems.

Suboxoneis also used to remove addiction during pregnancy which is used in the early stages of the addiction. It is helpful in reducing physical and mental effects. And aftercare facility is also provided to protect from the problem of relapse.

Some other appropriate treatment during pregnancy

Nutrition programs are useful for a pregnant woman if she is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

Although it is not necessary to have prolonged treatment during pregnancy, medical professionals provide physical retrieval initially so that the mother and child may not get any harm. After that, the detoxification is applied gradually as per requirement.Apart from all this, it is necessary to participate in normal exercise and physical classes in which meditation and yoga are definitely helpful in removing addiction.

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