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10 Super Foods for a Flat Tummy

10 Super Foods for a Flat Tummy

Summer is here and the beach is waiting for you. So, are you ready to wear a bikini? How do you feel about your bursting stomach fat? Do you want to get rid of it? If you do then you have to pay some extra attention in the things you eat.

Here are the super 10 foods that have an incredible affect in vanishing that ugly, excess fat and enabling to gain a flat tummy.


It is not surprising of course but yes water is the most important source in a diet. Nutritionists have researched that in fact 75% of the time a person feels hungry is in fact the feeling of thirst. Even if not thirsty a minimum of 2 litres of water should be consumed daily. A lot of people believe that water bloats the body up but in fact has the opposite effect. If the body has a low amount of fluid it actually collects more water in the body which leads to bloating.



Bananas contains high amounts of potassium. Potassium balances the body’s natural minerals and helps to remove excess fluid. Taking too much sodium in your diet and too little potassium disrupts the balance of these two minerals and water collection is experienced. Eating a banana a day meets your needs of potassium with 4700 mg per banana.



Yogurt is a carbohydrate which takes longer to digest and thus is rich in proteins that allow you to feel fuller for longer. It also provides probiotics. Probiotics, reduce bloating, strengthen digestion and prevent constipation.



Milk and dairy products, red meat, fish, poultry, legumes contain high amounts of protein. They last longer than carbohydrates are digested easily and help to stay fuller longer. Therefore they come in front of those bloating foods that are not necessary to be consumed. It should be taken into consideration that every night a handful of protein-containing food should be on your table.



Do not forget to add cucumber to your salad when preparing. It is a crunchy and tasty food you can consume which suppresses your cravings and helps flatten your belly. Cucumbers contain high amounts of fiber and help digestion and keep you full longer.



Having it as ginger tea or adding it to your food; it is something that definitely should be consumed. Although the taste isn’t quite appealing the benefits cannot be debated. Ginger helps fight inflammation. It’s an anti inflammation and an antioxidant which means that it helps in the digestion of protein.gingf


Apple cider vinegar
It helps digestion; it allows the bad bacteria in the digestive system to disappear and enables bad toxins to leave the body. Do not neglect to add a couple of tea spoons of vinegar to your salads and vegetables.



Pineapple, should be one of your snack choices because it helps to keep your stomach flat and at the same time meet your sugar needs. This fruit contains enzymes that help digestion, bloating and heartburn. Because it contains high amounts of fructose it meets the need of the sugar intake; and prevents you to head towards junk food.



Apples are a great source of fiber therefore a must to add to your diet list. It is a fruit that is needed to be chewed a lot, therefore keeping you fuller quicker and preventing you from eating extra food that is not necessary.



Kale is a super vegetable which detoxifies your body and gives the opportunity to dispose toxins out. This vegetable, contain vitamins C and K, as well as a great source for calcium and potassium. Kale is high in fiber and water and contains very low in calories.




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